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On Thursday, the land port began implementing the rotation system for travel buses, and the Bus Chamber, the General Directorate of Traffic and the Tax Office organized the opening ceremony of the system in the presence of all relevant authorities. One of the basic programs that will take place later, revealing the deposit of a number of initiatives

The port issue to the governor of Khartoum, adding that the issue is not only a question of money, but rather a complex port issue with legal and eligibility aspects. He asserted that proposals should be made about the positions of Kandahar and the popular market in Omdurman and the establishment of the position of the Libyan market in order to ensure a unified system for land transport, pointing to the strictness in monitoring and evaluating new programs after the rotation. Continue half of your understanding in your brother’s head, and in order to achieve work according to the visions presented

The Secretary-General of the Tax Office, Dr. Muhammad Ali Mustafa, revealed, according to (SUNA), the reduction of taxes imposed on the owners of the travel buses, and announced decisions to change the old tax stamps and replace them with radioactive seals to combat the counterfeiting process in the manifest. This is unacceptable and he called for paying the tax in order to obtain services and criticized the deteriorating environment in the port and suggested that the owners of the travel buses pay a small contribution to fix the situation at the port

For his part, the representative of the workers at the port, Mohamed Ahmed Al-Ribah, called for the legalization of workers’ rights following the implementation of the rotation system, and welcomed the development of passenger transportation systems.

In the same context, the head of the National Chamber of Travel Buses, Ahmed Abdel Hamid Al-Tarifi, called on the state to stop the import of public transport vehicles and allow the private sector to import spare parts.

He revealed that the number of current buses (4) thousand buses was imported with foreign exchange at the expense of the state’s balance of payments, noting that this exceeds the market’s need, pointing out that those who meet the conditions of them amount to 2,000 buses and the rest is in maintenance, and he cautioned against the inability to operate all buses. fulfill the conditions in terms of being more than the market need.

Al-Tarifi revealed that the sector was subjected to a terrible deterioration, which led to
The exit of 150 companies, revealing their quest to run the “rotation” program to get the sector out of this situation, pointing to the great role of port workers, describing them as “deception” and saying: “Without the fraudulent workers, we would not have made money.”
Al-Tarifi expressed his hope to achieve success for the rotation program and to make the sector’s recovery contingent on regular rotation.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Federation of Employers, d. Al-Sadiq Siwar Al-Dahab, the environmental degradation inside the land port, said the environment inside the port is very weak, stressing the need to pay attention to work inside the port, and at the same time announced support from the private sector to form three new positions for (Khartoum, Bahri and Omdurman) and stressed the importance of implementing the rotary system to reduce the number of buses On national roads and maintaining traffic safety, he pointed out that it contributes to preventing tax evasion.

The representative of the Minister of Interior, Othman Al-Hajj, said that the rotation system is in the interest of traffic safety, noting that countries have taken care of traffic safety and have dedicated laws aimed at the safety of citizens, noting that the rotation system represents reducing the density of buses in ports and reducing pressure on national roads and reduces It prevents excessive speed and overtaking and reduces accidents, in addition to reducing fuel, stressing the readiness of the police to implement the rotation system project on the one hand that it aims to reflect a civilized image

Khartoum (Kush News)


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