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On Thursday, at the invitation of the European Union Commission, a meeting was held at the Commission premises in Khartoum between the delegation of Freedom and Change “Central Council” and the delegation of the Foreign Relations Committee of the European Parliament headed by “David McAllister”.

According to a statement issued by the Forces for Freedom and Change, the forces of freedom and change proposed the need to stop the violence being practiced against the mass movement by the current authority, protect civilians, and support a credible political process that leads to the establishment of a genuine democratic civil system of government, which is the basis for stability in Sudan and the region. Among other issues raised by the forces of freedom and change.

The head of the European Union’s Foreign Relations Committee affirmed their full and complete support for the Sudanese demand for democracy and democratic civil rule, and that this is their main message to those they meet in their current one-day visit to Khartoum.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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