A campaign against the decision to bury the bodies of the unknown in the morgues

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The “Bury Without Justice, Loss for the Missing” campaign called on all professional revolutionary bodies and entities, unions, resistance committees, civil society organizations, human rights activists and all those interested to unite and work together to counter the Attorney General’s decision to begin burying the unidentified bodies next Sunday “without meeting the demands of The families of the victims and the families of the missing.

A campaign statement on Thursday stressed the need to insist on the demands of the families of the missing and the families of the victims, to preserve human dignity and achieve justice. The families of the victims and the Sudanese people have confidence in the current National Medico-Legal Institution and other relevant judicial institutions – as the statement put it.

The campaign statement referred to the decision of former Sovereign Council member Abdel-Baqi Abdel-Qader to “deliberately” bury the piled-up bodies in the mortuaries of Khartoum state by the “Forensic Medicine Group,” which the statement said “has been practicing misinformation by giving false and incorrect information to the families of the missing” and accused them – the campaign statement – Committing “crimes of forgery” in the autopsy reports of the two martyrs (Bahaa El-Din and Wood Aker). The campaign statement stated that the initiative of the missing and the families of the missing submitted a memorandum to the Public Prosecutor on June 13 with these demands and has not received any response until this moment. The statement accused the Public Prosecutor of failing to fulfill his responsibilities in stopping and investigating crimes, saying that this “contradicts the international laws and agreements signed by Sudan.”

The statement reads: “We were surprised by the issuance of a decision by the Attorney General on September 8, 2022 to begin the process of burying the bodies without meeting the demands of the families of the victims and the families of the missing to bring in an international team, and this is what we reject altogether.” The statement considered the Public Prosecutor’s decision to begin burial next Sunday as “another crime” against the unidentified bodies, the families of the missing and the families of the victims, and a “violation of human rights and dignity.”

Khartoum (Kush News)


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