The governor of Khartoum pledges to consider the entitlements of the citizens of the Al-Jawhara residential area – Kosh News

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The designated Wali of Khartoum, Professor Ahmed Othman Hamza, pledged to preserve the rights of the historical villages and to provide a piece of housing for every eligible citizen in accordance with the procedures approved by the Land Authority.

Addressing a group of citizens of the Al-Jawhara area in the western countryside of Umm Bada locality, according to (SUNA), the governor referred to directives issued to the Ministry of Urban Planning to complete land transactions and the housing plan within three months by granting each eligible residential land.

Al-Wali said that the current government is working on the principle of justice and transparency and providing services to the citizen without trouble.

To that, the governor directed the formation of a small committee representing the affected residents of the area to attend an urgent meeting in his office in the presence of those concerned about the land, while he listened to the complaint of the citizens of Al-Jawhara and their right to reside in the area, which exceeded twenty years, and the authorities ignored their demands to adjust their conditions during the past years.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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