Inspection campaigns to review tire storage conditions in Khartoum

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The branch of the Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization in Khartoum State, in cooperation with the General Traffic Department and the participation of the investigations of the Consumer Protection Prosecution and the General Intelligence Service and the Economic Security Department, organized on Sunday an inspection campaign to ensure the quality of tires and their compliance with storage specifications, in addition to raising awareness of the great risks that result from tire explosions.

The director of the Khartoum state branch, d. Awad Al-Karim Al-Hajj, according to Al-Sayha, that the campaign worked in accordance with technical and legal guidelines, and its reference was to apply the approved specifications, to ensure the protection of the citizen and to enhance traffic safety.

He stressed the need to hold an extensive workshop that includes stakeholders from the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the Ministries of Commerce and Industry, the Customs Authority and the Union of Banisher Owners, as well as to carry out periodic inspections of tire stores, markets and tire shops, raising awareness and educating the importance of reviewing tires for vehicle drivers.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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