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The leader of the Forces of Freedom and Change, Wajdi Saleh, revealed the features of the political declaration that the coalition intends to put forward.

Wagdy confirmed, in statements to Al-Hirak Al-Siyasi newspaper, that he will announce it next week.

Saleh said that the Political Declaration of Freedom and Change had completed the preparation of the draft declaration, in preparation for its approval by the Central Council, and then submitted it to the other components of the revolution for deliberation.

He added, “The most important features of the constitutional declaration confirm what I mentioned that there is no partnership with the military component or the military institution for political work completely, and that it devote itself to its stipulated and known tasks in all countries of the world to maintain security and protect citizens within this state, and this is the most important thing that can be done and all the transitional authority We are not talking about a government, we are talking about a complete authority and all state institutions are subject to this civil authority and to the civil government.”

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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