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The President of the Conference and the Supreme Council of the Beja Opticals and Independent Coordinators, Sayyid Muhammad Al-Amin Turk, said that the decision of the Sudanese authorities to prevent the delegation of Eastern Sudanese leaders from entering the State of Eritrea in response to the Eritrean government’s invitation and its border initiative to solve the region’s issues is due to the border crossing (13) To the weakness of the arrangement on the part of the preacher (Eritrea) with the Sudanese government.

In a statement, according to Al-Sudani newspaper, Turk revealed a great confusion for the leaders at the crossing after the decision to ban, which led to their division, some of whom left for their states and others are still waiting lazily.

In response to a question about what issues the conference is discussing?, Turk said: “There is no written agenda to discuss it, and what we only know is our meeting with President Afwerki.” He added, “We received an invitation from the Eritrean President Afwerki, and we were notified of receiving the full program of the visit and the number of days in the region (14) in the State of Eritrea.” He warned them to eat lunch in the lap area (13) inside the Eritrean territory, next to the crossing, and take them back to the border and from there to Kassala State.

He indicated that he is now present in Kassala State in the North Delta locality, and he expected the initiative to resume again after coordination between the governments of the two countries.


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