The railway announces the arrival of “21” Wabur to Port Sudan today

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Today, Port Sudan port arrives the first batch of “21” railway crossings out of a total of “34” railway crossings.

The Director General of the Railway Authority, Walid Mahmoud, said that these spurs were contracted in September 2020 with a Chinese company, and after winning the bid, American, Russian and Turkish companies entered with them.

He explained in a radio conference on the national radio, yesterday, Friday, according to Al-Sudani newspaper, that these truckloads include “27” travel railroads for goods and passengers, and “7” for maneuvering, and he expected that they will complete their arrival after “40” days to Atbara.

He revealed that a comprehensive plan has been drawn up to benefit from these overflows, especially that there are “1261” vehicles of the transport force ready to transport all kinds of different commodities, including fuel, sugar and containers, in addition to the passengers.

The Director General revealed that a single wabur is designed to carry “1,400” tons, or “26” vehicles, which reduces fuel consumption by “65” and referred to the ongoing efforts to restore operating capacity again.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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