The main headlines of Sudanese political newspapers issued today, Saturday, August 6, 2022 AD – Kush News

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It is published by the Kush News electronic newspaper

As-Sayha newspaper:

18 people were killed by Chadian intruders, and “Security and Defense” is making decisions

Change: the constitutional declaration grants the resistance committees a third of the “legislative” seats

Sudan notifies Eritrea of ​​its refusal to host Asmara conference of eastern leaders

“Sudan Liberation” disavows the attack on a government patrol

Abu Karenka CEO: Badi’s accident is isolated

Attiba newspaper:

The grandfather of critics of the initiative: “The camel is walking and the dog is barking.”

18 people were killed and dozens wounded by Chadian fire

Khartoum rejects the Asmara conference on eastern Sudan

Al-Hadi Idris: The armed forces will remain the guardian of the implementation of the outcomes of the dialogue

The arrest of the suspect in the crime of murder and run over in Malaga market in Nyala

political movement newspaper

Wagdy: Leaders of movements in the “Palace” participate in the Freedom and Change meetings

Disappearance of goods from the market because of the “customs dollar”

Completed arrangements to rehabilitate Khartoum International Airport with $200 million

Efforts to develop partnership mechanisms for infrastructure projects in Khartoum

Security and Defense take decisions on security developments on the border with Chad

The next day’s newspaper:

The Public Prosecutor justifies the excesses of the “Zubeida case”

Rain-fed farmers threaten to reduce areas

Foreign Ministry: Sudan refused to participate in the Eritrea Conference

75 million euros to fund the natural resources program in Sudan

The University of Khartoum tops its Sudanese counterparts according to the international rankings

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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