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Lieutenant-General, Human Rights Police, Anan Hamed, Director General of Police and Minister of Interior, in charge of the establishment of an emergency hospital on the Bara-Omdurman export road, to confront traffic accidents, praising the role of policemen.

At the end of his visit to the state, General Annan said in a statement, according to (SUNA), that North Kordofan state is witnessing great security stability, stressing the calm security conditions throughout the state.

Annan stressed the importance of the economic mandate as an important crossing point for exports of livestock and crops, noting that this stability will have an impact on Sudan, praising the harmony, cooperation and coordination between the executive and security agencies, the regular forces, the justice agencies and the civil administration, which prepares the great role in maintaining security and the safety of the citizen and fighting crime in the state.

He also reassured the Minister of Interior in charge, through enlightenment, of securing the agricultural season and the weapons collection plan, and praised the state government’s cooperation and support for the police.

For his part, the Governor of North Kordofan praised the initiative of the Minister of Interior in charge of establishing an emergency and casualty hospital on the export road, for the great services it provides to a segment of the road pedestrians.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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