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Maulana, the Caliph, the good grandfather, and Dr. Badr, the head of the Sudanese People’s Appeal for National Accord, received in Umm Dawa Ban yesterday evening, the governor of the Darfur region, Commander Minni Arko Minawi, in the presence of Dr. Hashim Qareeb Allah, the chief executive of the appeal, and a number of the leaders of the appeal.

Maulana Al-Tayyib, grandfather and Dr. Badr, welcomed Commander Minawi, according to (SUNA), and reviewed the program of the general features of the Sudanese people’s appeal and said that the call came to all the people of Sudan without exclusion to get the country out of its slumber after the terrible deterioration in people’s pension and insecurity. National concern over narrow partisan interests, indicating the magnitude of the risks threatening the country.

Dr. Hashem Qareeballah gave a detailed explanation to the governor of Darfur about the efforts made by the executive body in communicating with political forces in preparation for holding the Round Table Conference in mid-August. He handed over to Commander Minawi a written copy of the Sudan People’s Appeal initiative.

For his part, Commander Minawi Maulana, the good Caliph, thanked the grandfather for the hospitality and reception, and reviewed the efforts of the Forces of Freedom and Change, the National Charter, in communicating with political forces in the past period, adding that the discussion in the coming period should be limited to consensus on three basic documents, which are a political declaration, a constitutional declaration. And a program for the next transitional government, and Minawi stressed the need to continue communication between the two sides in order to reach a comprehensive solution to the political crisis in the country.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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