A leader in eastern Sudan reveals the details of the Eritrean initiative

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Lawyer and leader in eastern Sudan, Ahmed Musa, revealed the fact that the Eritrean initiative exists to address the region’s file. At the same time, he stressed that the initiative had invited all political and civil components in the east.

Moussa said, according to Al-Jarida newspaper, that he could not confirm the government’s acceptance of the initiative or its rejection, and stated that the initiative is an attempt by the State of Eritrea to bring the views of the East’s political and civil components closer, and attributed the reasons that prompted Eritrea to present the initiative because it will be affected if any security disturbance occurs. He described its intervention as natural, especially since it is a neighboring country, and denied that the move was a violation of national sovereignty. Achieving comprehensive national consensus.

Musa revealed the reasons that called the authorities to prevent the visit of the civil and political delegation, which was to leave the state of Eritrea at the invitation of its government, and revealed that there is a high-ranking security authority that caused the delegation to return to the country, and added: “The governor of Kassala could have intervened and resolved the crisis, but if That party is the one who disrupted the delegation’s visit, and the government wants the East to be congested, which confirms that there is a crisis.”

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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