The Security and Defense Council calls on Chad to prosecute the criminals responsible for the events in West Darfur

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The Security and Defense Council, headed by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, President of the Sovereign Council, held an emergency and virtual joint session, via video conference technology, with the West Darfur State Security Committee, in the presence of the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Hemeti, against the background of The unfortunate events that resulted from the incursion of armed groups from the Chadian side into Sudanese territory in West Darfur, in the areas of Bir Salima and Ardiba; It caused the loss of a number of lives and the looting of a large number of livestock.

According to Al-Sudani newspaper, the council listened to reports from the security services about the situation, and expressed its regret over the events, and had mercy on the souls, expressing its concern about the development of the crisis and its slide into a social conflict that has internal and external dimensions and repercussions – according to what was reported by the Sovereign Council’s media.

The Council took a number of decisions to prevent the development of events, which consisted of continuing political and diplomatic efforts to contain the situation and calm down. He urged the Chadian side to pursue the criminals and recover the stolen money as soon as possible, in addition to working to strengthen the capabilities and role of the Sudanese-Chadian joint forces and control movements on the borders between the two countries, including the movements of shepherds, and work to monitor various activities and apply official procedures to all movements, as is the case. On the Chadian side.

The Council affirmed its keenness on the safety and security of citizens, the protection of their property and the preservation of the country’s lands. He secured the depth of bilateral relations between Sudan and Chad and the necessity of preserving them.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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