Global Health: The lifespan of the African person has increased by 10 years

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The World Health Organization announced that the average life expectancy for a person to live in good health in Africa has increased by an average of 10 years per capita, and this increase is greater than any other region in the world during the past ten years.

A report issued by the organization for the year 2022 AD, according to Al-Siha, stated that the healthy life expectancy “that is, the number of years in which an individual enjoys a good health condition” increased to (56) years, compared to (46) years in the year 2000 AD, however, according to the report, that This average is still much lower than the global average of (64) years, which also increased by an average of (5) years during the same period.

What is the reason for this increase?

The report attributed this increase in life expectancy to improvements in the provision of basic health services, gains in reproductive health, maternal, newborn and child health, as well as progress in combating infectious diseases – thanks to the rapid expansion of measures to combat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria starting in 2005.

The most important achievements were in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, but this was offset by a dramatic increase in hypertension, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases and a lack of health services targeting these diseases.

According to the report, the sharp rise in life expectancy over the past two decades in Africa means that more people are living healthier and longer lives, with fewer threats of infectious diseases, and better access to care and disease prevention services.

The report warned that these health gains could be jeopardized “unless countries strengthen measures to combat the risk of cancer and other non-communicable diseases”.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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