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American intelligence knew that Ayman al-Zawahiri was residing in Karachi, Pakistan, until its agents learned that members of the al-Qaeda leader’s family had arrived in Kabul, and that they had resided in a house in the Sherpur neighborhood, and then found that the support network surrounding him was also moving to the Afghan capital, according to a report. It was published by the British “Times” today, and was prepared by 3 editors in it, who based it on what American officials said, without revealing the identity of any of them.

One of the officials, described in the report as senior, said, “The US government has known for years about the existence of a network supporting al-Zawahiri, and this year we discovered that his family, his wife, daughter and children, moved to a safe house in Kabul,” where they were taught traditional counterintelligence. They always stayed inside the 3-storey building, with only trusted people allowed in (a pattern that bin Laden once used in his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan) where he was tracked down and killed in 2011 by the US Navy.
The house consists of 3 floors, and if al-Zawahiri was not accustomed to going out to the balcony after prayer, it would have been more difficult to kill him
The house consists of 3 floors, and if al-Zawahiri was not accustomed to going out to the balcony after prayer, it would have been more difficult to kill him

With the arrival of Al-Zawahiri’s wife, daughter and grandchildren, the US Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA for short, was convinced that the same man would eventually join them, “We increased our confidence in his presence, and were able to form a lifestyle through several sources of information.” According to what summarizes the most important information in the report, including that when senior intelligence officials were informed of the finding of Al-Zawahiri in early April, they quickly conveyed the news to President Biden, to begin planning an operation aimed at killing him.

Al-Zawahiri, 71, never left the house. Then came the final confirmation of his presence in Kabul when he appeared on the balcony, in full view of everyone, so an American official said: “We met Al-Zawahiri on various occasions and for long periods on the balcony.” His daily life was monitored for weeks via satellite images. The CIA was given time to build a scale model of the house, and present it to President Biden to put him in the mood for deciding whether it was safe to target him on the porch without killing his family members or nearby civilians.
How did they save his family?

And last May and June, Biden held other meetings in the White House Situation Room, with a narrow circle of senior intelligence officials, to assess the impact of the assassination, including the damage it might do to America’s already fraught relations with the Taliban during Washington’s negotiations for the return of American hostages and civilians from Afghanistan. The lawyers estimated that Al-Zawahiri was a “legitimate target,” but it was necessary to neutralize his family members and keep them alive, and then preparations were made for a precise strike that would eliminate him alone, which is also explained by the video presented below, especially about the use of a specific missile to liquidate Al-Zawahiri.

“We needed to make sure that our information was very solid, and that we developed clear options that the president could consider that would also reduce the risk of civilian casualties and take into account the repercussions of taking such a strike in downtown Kabul,” the official continued. “.

On July 25, Biden held a final meeting of senior intelligence personnel, including William Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, in addition to Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, and also Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser. A pilot targeted the house of al-Zawahiri in the Sherpur district.

After dawn over Kabul, specifically at 6:18 am last Sunday, Al-Zawahiri appeared again on the balcony after the prayer, and at that moment two R9X Hellfire missiles were launched from an American “drone” MQ-9 Reaper, which was flying in the sky In the area, moments before impact, six blades scattered from the head of each missile, designed to shred the target without the need to detonate, in this way his wife, daughter and grandchildren survived. The leader of “Al-Qaeda” was killed.

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