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The Sudanese Congress Party said that the communist party’s statement of “poisons” is not worthy of the greatness of the 30 million people of June and the deliberate blood sacrifices made by our people on the epic day of June 30.

The Communist Party had issued a statement accusing the leaders of the National Umma Party and the Sudanese Congress of seeking to arrange Thursday’s roaring processions for their benefit.

The Sudanese Congress added in a statement, according to Al-Sudani newspaper: “We read the unfortunate statement issued by the secretariat of the Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party, which was devoted entirely to the attack on the forces of freedom and change, and singled out the Sudanese Congress Party and the National Umma Party with the attack, among the poisons that injected the statement that are not worthy of the greatness of the thirty millionaires. From June, and the sacrifices made by our people deliberately with blood on this epic day.”

He continued: “Our people are now fighting the battle of salvation from the October 25 coup with valor and determination to achieve victory. We in the Sudanese Congress affirm that no voice is now louder than the voice of this battle, which we will continue to wage within the ranks of the forces of the revolution, and we will not respond to calls for its dispersal, fragmentation or preoccupation with any battles. side that is not in the interest of its ultimate goals that it seeks.”

And he added: “This coup will fall with the unity of the forces of the revolution, and this is what we will work for, and we will not pay any attention to any attempts to distract us from it.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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