Rush: (366) injuries are confined to the June 30 processions – Kosh News

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The Socialist Doctors Association “Rush” revealed the total number of injuries confined to Omdurman, Bahri and Khartoum, which amounted to about 366 injuries.

Rush indicated that the injuries in Al-Arbaeen Hospital amounted to 78 injuries, including 28 injuries from live bullets, in addition to 6 injuries from live bullets in Omdurman Hospital (in the shoulder, abdomen, and legs).

And “Rush” confirmed, according to Al-Jarida newspaper, that 194 injuries were recorded in Al-Jawdah Hospital, including the martyr Muhammad Ahmed (Cesar), who was hit by a live bullet in the head, in addition to one injury with rubber bullets, while the rest of the cases were direct injuries to buildings in the head, shoulder, and chest. Eye and face, run over by armored vehicle, and two cases of broken leg and hand.

“Rush” added that about 40 cases were recorded in Khartoum Hospital and 46 cases in the selection, bringing the total cases of injuries recorded in the mentioned hospitals in Khartoum city to 280 injuries.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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