Police admit that one of its employees shot dead a protester

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The police admitted that one of its employees had shot and killed a protester during the 30th of June, the day before yesterday, and pledged to bring to justice those responsible for arming the police and shooting with impunity.

And the police said in a press statement, according to Al-Jarida newspaper yesterday, that social media and some judicial channels circulated a video clip indicating that a policeman shot demonstrators on Sixty Street and one of them fell to the ground.

The Police Presidency confirmed that the decisions and instructions issued as part of the implementation of the movement security plan on June 30 2022 are clear and known to all not to arm any forces dealing with demonstrators with a firearm in the separating sites and not to allow any policeman armed with a firearm outside the police station.

And the police said, “What we have seen confirms that there is a violation of the instructions and a behavior that constitutes a crime and we do not accept it at all from our employees at all levels.” And they continued, “We began the investigation and determine the responsibility and take decisions that preserve the full and undiminished rights towards those who violated the instructions and decisions of the presidency, who committed the act and who allowed him to arm him.” And we are committed to applying the provisions of the law without immunity for such acts that we do not honor and do not defend and are personally borne by their owner, and we do not accept that there are among us who do not respect the instructions to give everyone who has a right his right, whether it is for us or against us.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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