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The head of the Social Democratic Unionist Party (Hashd) Siddiq Abu Fawaz admitted that the political forces do not control the street, and at the same time revealed that they had begun to form a unified center for the revolution.

Abu Fawaz said in a statement, according to Al-Jarida newspaper: We reached understandings regarding the establishment of the Unified Center for the Revolution. The unified and expected its appearance in the coming period, and made it clear that it would be coordinating

Regarding the lack of control of the political forces on the street, Abu Fawaz said, “I will speak frankly. We, as political forces, do not control the street. It is a liar.” We have asked these young men more than once to change their struggle strategy because we see that the insistence on going to the palace or parliament in Omdurman, for example, has become a source of concern causing more martyrs because the security forces, riot forces and all militias have strict instructions not to allow any convoy to reach a government building Sovereign, led by the Republican Palace or Parliament and the localities.

Abu Fawaz indicated that they submitted proposals to the resistance committees to benefit from the experience of the January 25 revolution in Egypt, as the revolutionaries in it did not target any sovereign party and held a sit-in in Tahrir Square in Cairo and the squares of other cities in Alexandria and Port Said until President Hosni Mubarak fell and saw that the only solution was to start sit-ins in the squares. It is distributed throughout the triangular capital, and the revolutionaries take over the streets until the state stops completely. He explained that this is the path to civil disobedience and political strike.

He stressed that the critical mass will not be formed through processions and millions. He continued, with our respect for the resistance committees and revolutionaries on the ground, we cannot impose our opinion on them and respect their decisions, but we disagree with them in the current strategy and it must be changed. Martyrs fall and people return to their homes, and the critical mass will not be formed in this way, but will be formed by sit-ins in the squares, and it will be difficult for the security services to attack revolutionaries sitting in several places, as well as the sit-ins that lead to dispersal and exhaustion of the efforts of the security services.

He mentioned that instead of all the security services going to the palace or parliament. They will be dispersed, and there will be a process of attrition, and they will have no reason to strike thousands of protesters in the square while they are eating and drinking and operating loudspeakers. He considered that the correct tactic is not to insist on crossing bridges and stressed the need to end the centralization of the process of movement and processions.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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