The Professionals’ Gathering: The street insists on dropping the blood partnership

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The Professionals Association issued a statement confirming the street’s insistence on dropping the blood partnership. The statement added that the newspaper obtained a copy that witnessed a feverish movement in the past days from international and regional parties represented in America and Saudi Arabia, and the tripartite mechanism to find solutions that guarantee the protection of its interests in Sudan and the region, and the partners of the Security Committee acquiesced the settlement parties. To international and regional dictates, they chose to sit at the negotiating table with the military, and bypassed the street that rejected direct and indirect negotiations, which the forces of the living revolution expressed from resistance committees and political and professional forces with clear messages of regional and international calls.

And he added, the partners of the Security Committee continued to walk the path of betrayal and willful disregard for the goals of the revolution and its clear demands, a path they had walked before while accepting blood partnership with the military, on the day they closed their eyes and deafened their ears so that they could neither see nor hear the voice of the rebellious street, which they replaced with claims of realizing the slogans of the revolution. The advancing street was not deceived by their open and supportive tricks to stop the revolution at the settlement station with the military, just as attempts to circumvent the direct negotiation that took place under the names of unofficial meetings did not pass by, and it is an expression of a condescending view that sees the revolution only as a stage that must end with the end of their vision, which they handed over to the security committee. In the house of the Saudi ambassador.

He stressed, according to Al-Jarida newspaper, “The settlement experience did not teach them that the street’s insistence on dropping the blood partnership means the impossibility of deceiving it again, even if they emptied everything in their dictionary of names. Have mercy on the forces of the living revolution.”

Khartoum (Kush News)


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