The Committee for the Dismissed of the Police and the Army signs the Charter of Resistance

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Yesterday, the Joint Committee of Civil Service, Police and Armed Forces dismissed members of the Armed Forces signed the Revolutionary Charter for the Power of the People, which was issued by the Resistance Committees representing the states, and attributed this to the point that what was stated in the Charter was consistent with the principles of the glorious December Revolution and with the aspirations of the people.

The committee said in a press circular according to Al-Jarida newspaper, “Its alignment with the Revolutionary Charter came due to its scientific diagnosis and objective treatments of the historical Sudanese crisis, and the emergence of a new era in which the people of Sudan participate in determining the fate of their homeland, and for its blind trust in the resistance committees for their miraculous role and sacrifices.” Death and bullets stood in their honour, and the Joint Committee for the dismissed civil service, police and armed forces pledged to strive to unify pacts, coordinate joint field work and reach a unified charter that represents the political thought of the revolution and achieves the aspirations of the people.

It adhered to extracting its full rights in a free and healthy homeland with a civil government under a civilian authority without partnership, and stressed the need for the army to return to its known duties and to disband and demobilize militias and to be integrated according to the law and that the police return to their role and work according to the development that organized the world and abide by all international human rights covenants She demanded that the public service return to its brilliance, impartiality and professionalism, and indicated that this cannot be achieved except under the umbrella of the Three Nos.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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