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Thomas recording scandal

* I read an interview on the (Sudanese football) website with Captain Adel Abu Greisha, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Mars Club for Sports Affairs, and I drew my attention in the dialogue to a very dangerous part, especially the registration of the Cameroonian Thomas Bawak in the statements of Al-Mars, which reveals the extent of the administrative tragedy experienced by Mars, and Adel mentioned the following one letter: ( As for the player Thomas, he was presented by a players agent named Naji, and council member Mutawakil Saleh met with another agent named Ahmed Othman, and an amount of one hundred thousand dollars was agreed upon, and after the player arrived in Dubai, all I did was reduce the amount of (100) thousand dollars to (10) thousand dollars only, and it was reduced during the lost time in the contracting period)
* Abu Greisha’s hadith above reveals what we have been writing since the previous recordings, after the council’s election and before the team traveled to the Movenpick camp, and we dealt with the part of Mutawakkil Saleh’s modest capabilities, his lack of knowledge, and his weak administrative experience in negotiation and sports administrative work in Mars in general, and despite that he found vast areas to move in, and the result was What we are experiencing is the failure of the recordings, and the scandal of negotiating with a players’ agent is enough to record Thomas in the amount of (100) thousand dollars, which was reduced by Adel Abu Greisha to (10) thousand dollars
* Is it reasonable for a council member to agree to register a player with one hundred thousand dollars for a season, then another administrator in the same council, Captain Adel Abu Greisha, intervenes and reduces the value of the player’s registration to the amount of (10) thousand dollars instead of (100) thousand dollars?
* The case of Thomas’s recording reveals the extent of the disaster and constitutes the summit of the administrative tragedy experienced by Mars, in light of the progress of the likes of Mutawakil Saleh and their issue of the scene and their intervention in details that they do not have the ability to manage and here lies the calamity
* On the occasion of Thomas’s registration file, serious details and accurate information about the form of the agreement with him reveal the size of the amount that the player was supposed to receive as a registration incentive and how much his agent will receive
* Before, we talked about how Mutawakkil Saleh scored the player blue from Hilal Al-Fasher for Mars at an amount of (24) billion pounds last year, where he paid the management of Hilal Al-Fasher alone (15) billion and for the player nine billion, and this amount is considered very huge, and the whole deal can be cleared with an amount not exceeding five billion pounds Only for the player and the management of his club together, but due to Mutawakkil’s modest administrative abilities and his lack of experience in negotiation, he fell prey to what he kept hesitating about Al-Hilal Al-Asimi’s desire to register the player, so he believed the talk and raised the offer of Mars
* There is a proverb that we have always repeated saying (you don’t know what to write down) and this proverb applies to Mutawakkil Saleh completely, where the ranks advance, which is (he does not know how to scoop and scatter the work) and the catastrophe is that the mistakes of such people are borne by Mars. The happy and the humble losers
* The above two cases are a small part of many that happened during the era of this council and the previous councils of Mars, and the reason for all of this is that everyone (hub and bear) is looking forward to entering the Council of Mars, even if he does not have the abilities that help him to run a club in the sixth degree, but because of chaos and fates find Suddenly himself is an administrator in the Mars councils and responsible for managing important files.

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* Mars, in its long administrative career, was harmed by many failed semi-administrators and lost a lot, and it is time to sweep any failure
* We are surprised how someone who does not know what is required of him to work on Mars advances, but we go back and say that these failures advance because from the ground up they do not know that they do not know, even if they knew that they did not know what they advanced because this means that they know and therefore have some understanding
* Tomorrow is the summit meeting between Al-Marikh at the Khartoum Stadium, which constitutes humankind and a good omen for all Al-Muraikhib
* In recent years, the Khartoum stadium has been forming for Al-Merikhhab that the victory over Al-Hilal is a matter of time
* Al-Mars regained its technical strength through the completion of the technical staff system led by the Tunisian Ghazi Al-Ghairi and his assistant Ibrahima, in addition to the presence of two physiotherapy officials and a fitness trainer, as well as the return of the injured, led by Al-Samani Al-Sawy, an expert in Al-Hilal Streets.
* Yesterday and at the Shikan Castle stadium, Al Hilal failed with its entire foreign technical staff, consisting of seven Portuguese, in addition to the completion of the number of its players.
* The leader enters tomorrow’s match while he is at the top of his physical and technical readiness and in very high spirits among his players and fans. Therefore, we are very optimistic that the victory will be an ally to the leader, the true master of the country, God willing.
* We only hope that Brother Ahmed Al-Nujoumi pays attention to the appointment of a respected arbitration staff, with high morals and high professional integrity, to bring the match to safety, especially after the referees’ scurrying this season under the leadership of Al-Najmi.
* The truth that must be told and known by Brother Ahmed Al-Nugomi and all members of the current union led by Dr. Mutasim Jaafar that the arbitration situation in the era of the previous union when it was supervised by Professor Amer Othman improved very, very much and its members developed, and effective mistakes were absent and justice prevailed, but under the leadership of the current union, it declined. The performance of the referees in a very frightening way that surprised everyone
* What the likes of the so-called beloved are doing is not considered arbitration, but rather constitutes the summit of chaos and the absence of justice and professional honesty, especially after what accompanied the match between Al-Ahly Shendi and Al-Hilal Al-Asimi, which formed (a disgrace) on the forehead of arbitration in the era of the current union
* The strange thing is that the group that governs the current union called itself (Change), so we did not see a change, nor did they weigh it.
* We are more optimistic about the presence of Brother Ahmed Al-Nugomi at the helm of the arbitration body, in order to maintain at least the existing development since the days of Amer Othman, but the man disappointed us, so the arbitration disasters and the biggest problem is that all the referees’ effective mistakes happen in matches that are hosted by Al-Hilal Khartoum and for his benefit only And the last of them is the scandal of the so-called beloved in the match between Al-Ahly Shendi and Al-Hilal Al-Asimi, and how he spent a penalty kick in favor of the Dar-Namour, which was enough to permanently expunge him from the arbitration system once and for all if there was accountability and a real desire to develop the arbitration system.
* On the occasion of the referees and for the sake of justice, we record a great tribute to the referee of the match between Cuper and Al-Hilal Khartoum, which was held yesterday, Yasin Al-Sadiq, who was very excellent in his decisions and movement and imposing his strong personality on the players and took control of the game and was completely in contrast to the hustle and bustle presented by the beloved
* Be like the likeable loser


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