Staff: Any party affiliated with a party will be outside the armed forces

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The Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army for Training, Lieutenant-General Abdullah Al-Bashir Ahmed, said that any member of the army who smells a certain odor that he belongs to a political party will be outside the armed forces.

Lieutenant-General Abdullah stressed, according to Al-Sudani newspaper, when addressing the conclusion of the systematic workshop of the Nimeiri Military Academy on “hate speech” on Wednesday, the need for political parties to stay away from the army.
He explained that the presence of the armed forces in the political equation is currently dictated by necessity under the army law.

The Deputy Chief of Staff described the recommendations of the academy symposium as practical and would contribute to strengthening Sudanese cohesion, strengthening political discourse and keeping hate speech away from it.
He stressed that the armed forces are working for a homeland that can accommodate everyone and where stability prevails.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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