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Yesterday, Bahri neighborhood committees marched a procession to the homes of the families of the martyrs as part of the revolutionary activities to prepare for the June 30 million, and the revolutionaries carried the flag and banners with pictures of the martyrs and the flag “and others wrote on it no bargaining, no negotiation, for partnership” and the revolutionaries moved from the Syrian house to the families of the two martyrs Hatim Bahla Khojaly, saluted the martyr’s mother and chanted “Your son is a hero,” “On the 30th, we will come to you. We are the revolution and we are the strength.” Then the procession moved to the families of the martyrs in Al-Dankala, Muhammad Anwar Muhammad Abd al-Rahim, Abu Bakr Salah, and then to the house of the family of the martyr, the infallible wind Muhammad. And the procession went to the auction to the families of the martyrs Walid, Salah, Othman, Muzammil, then to the expatriates, the home of the families of the two martyrs, Muhammad Matar, Borai, and then to the homes of the families of the martyrs in al-Sha’beya, Mahid Adam, Louay Taj al-Din, Ahmed Melli, and Saber.

The Bahri neighborhood committees indicated in a statement, according to Al-Jarida newspaper, that the friends of the martyrs presented an initiative to organize the procession and asked them to adopt it, and noted in a statement that the revolutionaries agreed to organize weekly visits to the families of the martyrs.

In a related context, the police forces used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators in Bahri, which led to the closure of the road to transportation heading to the central station.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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