Al-Nazir Turk freezes the work of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals, and the Port Sudan Group rejects the decisions and attacks Hemedti – Kosh News

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The overseer, Seyyed Muhammad al-Amin Turk, head of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals, issued a decision to freeze the work of the Council and to form a preparatory committee for the convening of the General Conference, with all the Council’s belongings, including seals and lettered papers of the Council, to the Secretariat of the Government of Kassala and the Red Sea, in an emergency meeting held in Arquette. Group of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals in Port Sudan, decisions of the Nazer Turk.

The Rapporteur of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals, Abdullah Obshar, said according to Al-Sudani newspaper, that the meeting of the Beja Optical Council is just a private meeting, and is not affiliated with the Beja Optical Council. He attacked the First Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant-General Muhammad Hamdan Hemedti, indicating his involvement in the attempt to split the Council.

Obshar refused to hand over any lettered papers of the council to the secretariat of the government of Kassala and the Red Sea, because they do not belong to any government, and said that they would continue their struggle for the cause of the East.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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