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New details were revealed about a girl from the Al-Afad area in the northern state, who was reported to be treating all diseases. Salah Muhammad Khair, a resident of the area, said that the girl mentioned to her family that she saw in a dream on the Night of Power that she could treat the sick, and Muhammad Khair reported that someone linked him to him. A kinship relationship he sat down to and suffers from stinging, and he mentioned that he is improving.

According to Al-Sayha newspaper, Muhammad Khair said that the girl uses a barrel of water for treatment and asks patients to wash the place of pain from the barrel water, noting that her family has put a (bed) for the money paid by the patients.
He referred to the great stampede by the citizens, which necessitated one of the benefactors to fetch drinking water in tankers for watering. He said that the family lives in the Al-Afad area, and the girl’s family belongs to the Kababish tribe.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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