Immunologist: Monkeypox is old and is not transmitted by breathing

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A specialist in immunology and genetics confirmed that monkeypox is an old disease since 1958 AD, and it is not fatal and is not transmitted through breathing and droplets like the Corona virus, but by contact with patients, and it is transmitted by rodents like mice, and it does not cause a pandemic like the Corona pandemic.

Professor Magdy Mahmoud Mohamed Ali, a professor of immunology and partial genetics in the United Arab Emirates currently and a professor at the former Sudanese University of Medical Sciences, wrote an article entitled (Monkeypox and the series of emerging diseases).

According to (SUNA), Magdy stated that what called him to write the article is what is happening now in the world and the beginning of the panic about smallpox (monkeys).

Khartoum (Kush News)


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