Disclosure of the expulsion of teachers from monitoring exams in Khartoum

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The Teachers’ Committee revealed a precedent that it described as dangerous, carried out by the Education Department in the basic stage in Bahri locality, by removing male and female teachers belonging to the committee from the procedures for exams.

The committee said in a statement Friday, according to Al-Saha newspaper, that there are a number of mentors, who have been consulted and informed of their positions in the examination process.

She added, “Their names were raised to the Education Department in the locality, but they were replaced without notifying them, or explaining the reasons and justifications for this shameful act.”

And she added, “A number of employees in the ministry were involved in examining the examinations, and they were ignorant of the origins and foundations of this work, which caused them to make mistakes that were monitored, and this led to the deprivation of a number of teachers of their legitimate right to participate in this work.”

The committee indicated that this step is only a stage to empower the remnants of the former regime, and continued (that they are preparing for what follows after that to control all educational departments and school management, to practice their previous approach of controlling all the joints of administrative and union work, and to return to their corrupt methods, which everyone knows well). .

Khartoum (Kush News)


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