UN prepares for a new round of political consultations

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The United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) announced its readiness for a new round of preliminary consultations for the political process with the Sudanese parties next week.

A statement issued by the UN mission, according to Al-Siyaha newspaper, stated that the head of the mission, Volker Peretz, is preparing, along with the Unitams team, for a new round of consultations with more representatives of the Sudanese political spectrum next week.

The statement stressed the continuation of these consultations in providing a space for Sudanese stakeholders to present their visions and proposals on ways to move forward in the democratic transition process.

The statement quoted Peretz as saying: “We do not want to expect results. These preliminary consultations will guide our next steps.”

He explained that the third week of consultations witnessed an expansion in the participation of various Sudanese groups, including feminist political and civic groups, the Arab Socialist Baath Party and the Federal Assembly (from the blocs of the Declaration of Freedom and Change), and the Sudanese Teachers Committee (the most prominent components of the Sudanese Professionals Association).

Khartoum (Kush News)


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