The resistance committees require Qaht to criticize its experience before coordinating a joint action – Kosh News

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The Khartoum Resistance Committees set a set of conditions for working with freedom and change, the most important of which is presenting a self-criticism of its previous political stance, in addition to identifying the negatives and positives.

Magdy Terab, a member of the resistance committees, according to (Al-Jarida) newspaper, indicated that self-criticism is one of the most important conditions for not repeating mistakes in the future, and pointed out that the resistance committees have a political charter that they are working on and will see the light in the coming period, and stressed that it includes an item about those who participated in the previous transitional government. Terab called on Freedom and Change to explain why they sat down to negotiate with the military component after the sit-in was dispersed.

He clarified the failures that occurred during the previous years, stressing that the political charter that will be announced includes clear points, and added: “The street is currently moving in one direction, and freedom and change are in the direction, and these want to achieve the overthrow of the coup through their goals, not ours.” political, except for the dissolved National Party.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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