The main headlines of Sudanese political newspapers issued today, Friday, January 28, 2022 AD – Kush News

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It is published by the Kush News electronic newspaper

newspaper: attention

Chief of Staff: The media has an important role in the democratic transformation
Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Sedki Kablo, to (Al-Intibaha): The caretaker government is an Islamic movement and the giving of those who do not have to those who do not deserve
UNITAMS: We are present in Sudan at the request of the Sudanese and an international mandate

Newspaper: Al-Sudani

(CNN) The American network (CNN) appoints the Sudanese media, Nima Al-Baqer, as its chief international investigative correspondent.
Blue Nile farmers: low prices are the main challenges to the harvest
Live cattle exports to Saudi Arabia stopped
Finance exempts fees and taxes for 200,000 sacks of fertilizer for the island project

Newspaper: The next day

Economic Analyst: Lifting subsidies on strategic goods is a mandatory condition that the government has died
The North Mining Coordination Council praises the achievements of mineral resources for the year 2021
Northern farmers complain of lack of fertilizer
The scarcity of raw milk and the escalation of fluctuations in the prices of food commodities
A delegation from livestock to Saudi Arabia to renew the livestock export protocol

Sudan News Agency

Committees to find effective solutions to the situation in eastern Sudan take the oath
The appointed attorney general supports the decision to return the dismissed persons to the Bank of Sudan
The University of Khartoum denies the resignation of a number of teaching assistants

Khartoum (Kush News)


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