Muhammad Esmat: The deep state is expanding to confront the revolution

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The head of the United Unionist Party, Muhammad Esmat, a leader in freedom and change, said that the dissolution of the contract and the withdrawal of the civil forces gathering at this difficult time that the country and the revolution are going through do not bode well, but rather it is an “unfortunate thing.”

He added, “We had hoped to strengthen each other’s support within the forces of change, especially in light of the expansion of the deep state in the face of the revolution.”

Ismat called, according to the newspaper (Al-Sayah), the civil forces rally to retract its decision, and that all the revolution’s blocs, including Qaht, the youth forces, and the gathering of professionals seek to unify the revolution’s platform. “We acknowledge that the path of the former coalition forces was marred by mistakes in the past period, but I see that this is not the appropriate circumstance for withdrawal,” he said.

We appeal to the civil forces to return to freedom and change.” Esmat attacked the leader of the National Charter Group, Mubarak Ardol, and responded to his saying, “(Yeah) a nut separated, a nut,” by saying: “If Ardoul means the Central Council, then this means that Ardoul is outside the Central Council for Freedom and Change.. and everyone knows that Mubarak is And the comrades in the National Accord Charter always declare that they are part of freedom and change, and therefore his vision of the withdrawal of civil forces is considered a natural matter in the context of democratic practice.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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