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The Minister of Finance, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, said that the salary of a government worker does not cover more than (3) days, and he noted the increase in the minimum wage by (400%) from (3) thousand to (12) thousand pounds, to be applied as of February’s salary. With the exchange of January differences with it.

He explained that the resources that were directed to subsidize fuel and electricity will be directed to employees, health and education, and the support will be direct for the citizen to benefit from.

Jibril said in a statement to the radio on Friday, according to Al-Sayha newspaper, that they are convinced that the salary of the worker in the state is (very weak), and referred to their request from the Supreme Council for Wages to conduct a study of wages in Sudan, and they came with the conclusion that the wage in fact does not cover the worker’s need in the state for a week, while The minister saw that it was not enough for more than three days.

The minister stressed the keenness to ensure that the market does not swallow the salaries, and that the increase in salaries is a real increase, and this requires controlling the inflation rate and that the exchange rate is stable and also does not lead to an increase in inflation .. And when the employee receives an increase, it is a real increase and not a nominal numerical increase.

He said, “In the year 75, we were registered at the university, and the university closed.” So he went to work as a teacher for two months, and his salary was (29) pounds, but in the housing privilege, the expenses for eating and drinking were 4 pounds, and spending it per month was (25) pounds, “meaning the teacher was a profitable situation.” Very, and teachers spent on students in schools because they had a surplus, but now the situation has completely reversed, and the employee’s situation in the state is very bad, prices are rising, and incomes are confined to their place.”

Khartoum (Kush News)


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