Isolation Center: Corona cases are out of control due to the weak capabilities of the state

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Medical cadres revealed, according to the newspaper, that the number of available doses is sufficient to vaccinate 11.5% of the population, and this percentage does not constitute societal protection from epidemic spread.

Emphasizing that there are obstacles that led to the failure of vaccination programs, including the rejection of a significant sector of doctors against vaccination, the lack of centers in the states, some of which have only one vaccination center, and the Ministry of Health carried the burden of the pandemic without real help from the state, and the weak health and information infrastructure .

A doctor at the Isolation Center in Omdurman in the Intensive Care Unit, Mujahid Ibrahim, confirmed that the cases of corona are very many and out of control due to the weak capabilities of the state to receive cases in this large quantity, and all intensive care units in government hospitals have a capacity of no more than three or four intensive care beds.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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