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The leader of the Forces of Freedom and Change and the head of the Arab Ba’ath Party, Muhammad Wadaa, cut off that the three parties in the Forces of Freedom are paying the price of exclusion that they had previously practiced in the past.

He said, according to (Al-Sayha) newspaper, (Qaht) lost a lot politically, and now lost the support of the street, and added, “But I expect it to come back stronger if it is restructured again. Wadaa believes that most of the civil blocs had previously frozen their activities within the Central Council for Freedom and Change a year or more ago, especially the Civil Society Bloc, the Professionals’ Union, the Republicans, and the Central Current, as well as a large part of the National Consensus Forces bloc and Sudan Call.

He said, “I think that Freedom and Change now includes only three parties, namely the opposition Federal Gathering, the original Ba’ath and the Sudanese Congress.” As for the rest of the blocs, including the Umma Party, all struggle movements are outside (Qaht). “I am not happy with the disintegration of the blocs of freedom and change, and it is better for the forces of change to unite, sit down and be humble with other parties and unite with the forces of revolution,” Wadaa said.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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