Central Darfur government stands on border trade obstacles

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The Director of the Local Government Office in Central Darfur, representative of the Wali of the state, Hussein Bakhit, during his visit to the locality of Umm Dukhun on Friday, focused on the obstacles facing the border trade between Sudan and the countries of Chad and Central Africa, in addition to examining the security conditions in the locality.

The Director of the Local Government Bureau was briefed on the needs of citizens and the demands of the Chamber of Commerce in the locality represented in a radical solution to the issues of border trade, and attention to providing basic services to the local citizens in the field of health, education and water, as well as strengthening the security presence and solving the issue of random levies at the entrances and main roads and problems related to the local stock exchange and the livestock pen .

Al-Shartay Hussein Bakhit confirmed, according to (SUNA), that the state government seeks to open the border crossings between Chad and Central Africa through coordination and communication with higher government agencies to legalize border trade and make trade exchange continue in accordance with standards agreements signed between neighboring countries, after the government authorities closed those crossings recently. for security reasons.

He also directed that a committee be formed from the civil administration, the Chamber of Commerce and the youth to develop a plan that includes urgent local projects, submit them to the state, and follow up on implementation procedures, directing the Executive Director of the locality to review and legalize random collection.

For his part, the Executive Director of Um Dukhun Locality, Mr. Hassan Abdul Shafi’ Abdul Rahman, affirmed their serious endeavor with the state government to solve the issue of border trade, which the locality has been suffering from for a long time.

And he stated, after the joint meeting, which included the state government and a mobile commander of the Rapid Support Forces in the region, that the decision to close the borders came by order of the higher authorities for security precautions to preserve the safety of citizens until further notice.

To that, Mr. Salama Muhammad Salama, director of trade in the state, indicated that the border crossings represent a major artery for the state and supplement the state’s treasury through trade exchange, coordination and cooperation between the three countries and the integration of benefits between them.

The director of customs police in the state, Raed Ahmed Ali, stressed the necessity of completing the procedural arrangements guaranteeing the practice of border trade by obtaining an international trade license and opening a bank account to allow the merchant to practice his work in border trade normally.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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