The deterioration of the health condition of a number of defendants in Al-Huda prison, and the defense holds the proof and the prosecution responsible – Kosh News

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The Defense Authority of a number of detainees in Al-Huda Prison announced the deterioration of the health condition of a number of their clients. The authority said in a brief statement: “The condition of the hunger strikers has deteriorated, and they have not been transferred to the hospital. We hold the prosecution and the proof of any harm to our clients.”

A member of the defense counsel for the accused explained; Ahmed Al-Senussi, in a statement according to Al-Jarida newspaper, said that the detainees’ strike has entered its third day, and the authorities have not transferred them to receive health care, despite the deterioration of the health of a number of them, noting that the former foreign minister detained in Kober prison; Ibrahim Ghandour also had entered into a hunger strike. Al-Senussi accused the authorities of discriminating between the Sudanese, pointing out that they released a number of detainees after the decisions of the twenty-fifth of last October after they entered into a hunger strike. On top of them, “Mohammed Ali al-Jazouli, Jamal al-Shahid” enter into an open hunger strike.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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