Ibrahim Al-Sheikh: Hamdok’s replacement is not difficult, and the problem is not in partnership with the military – Kosh News

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The prominent leader of the Sudanese Congress Party, Ibrahim Al-Sheikh, said that the task of reaching a replacement for the resigned Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk is not difficult.

According to Al-Sudani newspaper, Al-Sheikh stressed that at this stage in the country’s history, problems must be raised in a bold, courageous and unequivocal manner.
He added: “I think that the partnership with the soldiers is not the crisis, but which soldiers? This crisis?

He continued, “We do not have a problem with the Sudanese army, and the last thing we have been guided by since December until April is to go to the headquarters of the armed forces and ask them to side with the broad street and to refrain from shedding blood.”

And he added, “Therefore, we are not on a break with the Sudanese army, regardless of its composition. They are Sudanese citizens, and the critical moment comes when they decide what is the country’s interest.”

The Sheikh explained that the dispute is not in the military component, the dispute is that you push a military group committed to the civil state, and it can foster the values ​​of this partnership and the constitutional document.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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