(Freedom and Change) adheres to its position rejecting dialogue with the military

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The Forces for Freedom and Change – the Central Council – renewed their adherence to the return of partnership with the military component, and said that they would not negotiate any partnership with the military. The leader of Freedom and Change, and my grandfather, confirmed that all the forces of the revolution agreed to that if the international initiative was dealt with.

Saleh indicated in a press conference yesterday, Friday, according to Al-Hirak Al-Siyasi newspaper, that they had received a letter from the head of the UN mission regarding mediation, and confirmed that it had not been decided upon so far.

Wagdy revealed international forces, which he said wanted to get the Sudanese revolution out of the peaceful, and stand in the face of democratic transformation, and added: But we will not succumb to chaos.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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