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The leadership body of the National Pact Forces said that it will hold consultations to appoint a caretaker government to fill the current constitutional vacuum.

The leadership body of the charter forces met to discuss the current political developments and listened, according to a press release, to the report submitted by the drafting committee of the political charter for national accord, which includes a number of political, civil and popular forces, the military component, the indigenous administration, and the Sufi orders.

The Commission welcomed the initiative of the head of the United Nations Mission for Sudan (UNITAMS) and stressed that the issues of the homeland can only be resolved and dealt with through dialogue through a round table, characterized by inclusiveness and clear and transparent procedures that include all parties.

She appealed to the African Union to be part of the initiative, and to be one of its facilitators “so that Sudan does not move away from its African surroundings,” according to the statement. .

He continued, “The leadership body will begin to consult with the rest of the components to appoint an interim caretaker government until the parties agree at the end of the dialogue.”

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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