Babiker Faisal: We are preparing a constitutional declaration that achieves full civil authority

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The head of the Federal Assembly and the leadership of the Central Council for Freedom and Change, Babiker Faisal, revealed the coalition’s vision to address the current national crisis following the October 25 coup.

Faisal said, according to Al-Sudani newspaper: The freedom and change has a vision represented in achieving the demands of the street for a complete return to the civil government, no return to the constitutional document, no return to partnership and the inevitable fall of the coup.

He added, “If Volcker’s initiative is to achieve these goals, then freedom and change will be part of the matter and anything else freedom and change will not be part of it.”
He said that Freedom and Change is currently working and seeking to draft a new constitution based on a different constitutional declaration that achieves full civility.

Faisal stressed not to return to the scene before October 25, which was governed by a constitutional document based on partnership between civilians and military personnel and fell with the coup.

Faisal noted that if the international mediation fails, the street will continue its extension, which it started immediately after the coup, until it reaches the desired end, which is the civil state.

He affirmed their adherence to this historic opportunity that will not be repeated in defining a clear relationship between the army and politics. He added, “It is time for the state to be civil and for the army to carry out its tasks, as the world’s armies do.”

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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