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Mr. Adam Ahmed Hassan, General Manager of Al Baraka Insurance Company Ltd. confirmed that the initiatives of the year 2022 do not herald a reality that will push the Sudanese insurance sector to its goals, and this is read by the current political reality.

Hassan said, according to (SUNA), that the Sudanese insurance sector will receive new companies this year, bringing the total number of companies from 18-22 companies that will share the existing income achieved by the sector companies in the year 2021 with an average subscription ranging between 3-13 trillion pounds for companies, which is income produced by inflation. It does not represent an increase in the insured units.

He pointed out that the newly established insurance companies will suffer difficulties in the job stability of their employees due to their inability to commit to satisfactory wages for their workers with the large increase witnessed by the sector companies in the salary structure.
Hassan considered that the most important challenges of the year 2022 is the need to add the Corona pandemic coverage to reinsurance companies because it has become a reality and represents a natural disaster that must be covered by insurance.

He added, in the context of the challenges, training and managing insurance business activities electronically in anticipation of the closure and precautionary measures due to Corona.
He concluded his speech in a press circular that the Sudanese insurance sector companies should move to develop new insurance policies that keep pace with the spirit of the times and the requirements of investment, which is expected to flourish in the insurance companies after the approval of the Takaful Conference held in Khartoum at the end of last year, which decided to encourage investment in the Sudanese insurance sector by 70%. % for shareholders and 30% for policyholders.
Khartoum: (Kush News)


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