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Dr. Ahmed Youssef Abu Hureira, head of the Al-Batahin tribe’s Shura Council, confirmed that the crowd that organized yesterday in the Id Babiker area does not represent the Al-Batahin tribe and was not approved by the tribe’s institutions and they are not aware of it. And that whoever came out for the rule of the military today represents only himself and has no right to speak in the name of the Batahin tribe. He revealed that the system of the so-called civil administration in the state of Khartoum had invited some of the loyalists of the decimated regime to organize this meeting, and it is known that it is the creation of the rescue, adding that it is a strange entity that does not exist either by law or by actual existence, and added that there is no native administration in Khartoum since it was abolished by an official decision in the early seventies Under the May 1969 regime.

Abu Hureira said: The National Street must know that what happened today in the name of Al-Batahin happened in the villages of the collective.

He added that the tribes are social entities, not political parties, and what is happening now in their politicization is more dangerous than their mobilization. Where the relationship of the military with the civil administrations began immediately after the sit-in was dispersed, he said, adding that we all mention the meetings of the rapid support commander in the civil administrations in the villages of Wabraq and what is happening now is an extension of this project that began in the middle of the year 2019.

He said, “These are the unreal civil administrations plus the sprouted civil system created by the Salvation in the state of Khartoum and the remnants of the previous regime, and they are the basis of this scheme, and they are the ones who made the palace sit-in and used them to create a new reality after October 25.”

According to Al-Jarida newspaper, Abu Hureira stressed that the masses made and paid for by Al-Bashir will not benefit his successors in making a significant political incubator, and the Sudanese people will continue to realize their choices through their blessed revolution, not deterred by the attempts of tenants and traitors.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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