Kufra municipality reveals the reasons for closing the border with Sudan

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The Director of the Information Office in the municipality of Kufra, Abdullah Suleiman, said that the closure of the border with Sudan came as a result of popular demands after the killing of citizens and the injury of others following armed robberies in the Triangle border area with Sudan.

He continued: “A delegation from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, accompanied by a Turkish delegation, will arrive to consider the possibility of resuming the paving of the Kufra-Jalo road,” noting that the contract signed with the Turkish company in 2006 stipulates the maintenance of 30 kilometers on the road, while 60 kilometers will remain outside the agreement.

He pointed out that this road claimed 9 lives last month; Following a traffic accident, he explained that flights at Kufra Airport have been suspended for 9 months.

He also indicated that the budget that was spent on the municipality is estimated at about 3 million dinars, which is not sufficient for the requirements of the municipalities, as the government requires its disbursement according to specific conditions.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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