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Ethiopia proposed, on Friday, the establishment of a buffer zone with the Tigray region under the administration of the United Nations, in order to deliver humanitarian aid to the needy in the stricken region.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, Friday, that “the government draws the attention of the international community to the reality of the situation in the Tigray region, in which the Tigray Liberation Front is aggravating the humanitarian situation by creating a number of obstacles.”

“As a result of allegations by the Tigray Liberation Front that humanitarian truck drivers refuse to drive outside the territory for security reasons, the federal government has decided to propose the creation of a buffer zone that can be managed by UN humanitarian agencies,” the statement added.

He added, according to Sky News, “It is possible to arrange the exchange of drivers and manage the matter for those who do not wish to travel outside the Tigray region, and to grant a comprehensive amnesty to each truck driver” within the framework of the buffer zone proposal.

The government also decided, according to the statement, to issue temporary United Nations plates for trucks obtained by the World Food Program from Sudan, as well as to facilitate additional flights to increase transportation of food and medical aid.

The conflict has been going on for more than a year between the federal forces and the Tigray Liberation Front, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands and the displacement of hundreds of thousands in the region.

The United Nations says the government is preventing humanitarian aid from reaching Tigray, where no trucks have entered since December 15.

More than 90 percent of Tigrayans need food aid, and doctors told Reuters last week that many, including malnourished children, were dying because medicine was not allowed into the province.

The government denies blocking the aid, and accuses the Tigray People’s Liberation Front of confiscating previously sent shipments.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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