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Badr Airlines issued a statement today, Friday, revealing the circumstances of the incident of the arrest of an “Egyptian” passenger by the security authorities after one of its planes made an emergency landing in Luxor, which sparked intense controversy.

Following is the text of the statement:

Various media circulated news that the Egyptian authorities had arrested an (Egyptian) traveler on Badr Airlines flight number J4690, bound for Istanbul. To clarify the details of this incident, the company would like to clarify the following:

*Badr Aviation operates in accordance with the principles and controls of air navigation systems in force internationally.

*During the aforementioned flight, a warning was issued from the smoke detection system in the cargo cabin, Room No. (1), and as a measure required by aviation regulations and laws to land at the nearest airport, the landing process took place smoothly at Luxor International Airport in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

* Relative to the time taken for inspection and verification of the reason for issuing this warning, this caused a restriction in the flight crew’s working time (which the flight crew dealt with professionally and used fire extinguishers as a preventive measure inside the luggage rooms, according to the requirements of operating the aircraft, and later it turned out that it was a wrong signal) and this caused the Sending the plane to the maintenance center in Europe from Luxor Airport to restore the alarm system to its normal position and the plane is still present at Bratislava Airport.

* The company decided to send an alternative plane to Luxor to transport passengers and continue the journey.

* Boarding the alternative plane makes the Egyptian authorities part of the travel procedures as applied in the flight regulations, and this is what led to the arrest of the aforementioned passenger.

* Badr Aviation confirms that it operates in accordance with air safety regulations and aviation laws, and is keen on the safety of passengers and ownership of the facts with complete transparency and credibility, and it has nothing to do with near or far in the actions taken by the Egyptian authorities or against the aforementioned passenger, and this does not fall into the The scope of its responsibility, and the company is not aware of the reasons for the arrest.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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