The Sudanese Congress: Coordination of a broad front to include civilian bodies

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The Sudanese Congress Party revealed coordination and arrangements to include civil institutions in one body, while referring to unidentified parties that are working to block the path to this coordination.
Spokesman for the Sudanese Congress, Noureddine Babiker, told Al-Youm Al-Tali newspaper that there was a divergence in visions between the political forces after the October 25 coup, and now the opportunity is greater now in the gathering of political forces.

Babiker added: “There is coordination for unity, as everyone agrees to overthrow the coup and to resume work in the transitional period.”
Babiker warned that some parties are working to block this coordination and said: “According to experience, unification will be achieved, and the circumstance is conducive to the convergence of civilian bodies in one body.

Regarding the international invitation, Babiker said: We received an invitation from (Volker) that we will meet and we will sit with him to demand the dropping of the October 25 procedures, the formation of a full civilian government and reforms in the military institution in preparation for its exit from the basic process and the holding of elections.

Pointing out that the international call comes to launch a political process, the success of which is determined by its proximity to the demands of the Sudanese street.
Regarding what was reported about parties’ attempts to attract resistance committees, Babiker said: “The word polarization has been demonized. Expressing political parties that work to adopt or include resistance committees is a reckless idea and belittles the committees themselves.”

He added: “No one can use the resistance committees as a ladder to achieve their goals because they have great awareness of what is going on in reality and in the political vision.”

Khartoum (Kush News)


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