The Arab Baath: The deteriorating situation is the responsibility of the military and civil coup forces

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The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party held what it called the military and civil coup forces represented by the President of the Sovereign Council, his deputy and the resigned Prime Minister, responsible for the deteriorating political, security and economic conditions in the country.

The Baath spokesman, Adel Khalafallah, told (The Next Day) that what is happening in the country is the domination of the will of the people in the name of the army at a time when the people are doing unparalleled valor to reject this domination.

Khalafallah noted that the army’s immersion in power affects its national role in that it is doing an act that is not in harmony with the role and tasks of the armed forces.
According to Al-Youm Al-Tali newspaper, he said: “The people and their living forces are working on a transitional period with limited time and tasks, and the military and civilian forces participating in the October coup will not be included in it.”

Khartoum (Kush News)


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